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What is Breast Uplift

Breast uplifting is a common cosmetic procedure which allows you to reshape your breast. The procedure which is also called mastopexy can be completed within a day.

What is Breast Uplifting?

Breast uplifting procedure helps patients to change their breast size, shape and get rid of any sagginess which can be caused by many reasons including weight loss or pregnancy. The surgery can also help you to fix problems about breast volume and tone. Also, breast uplifting surgery can help with overly large areolas and nipple position to achieve best look that you are dreaming of.

How Long Breast Uplifting Takes?

Breast uplifting surgery usually takes a few ours. It is done under general anaesthesia and patients are unconscious during the procedure. After the surgery, overnight stay at the clinic is required.

The procedure starts with a consultation stage which surgeon and medical team understands what you are expecting from the surgery and providing the best roadmap for your needs. During this stage, your every question will be answered by our experts and the procedure will be explained in detail.

How is the Recovery Period of Breast Uplifting Surgery?

After one night at the clinic, you can mobilize and continue your daily life as long as you are following the advices of the medical team. For first two weeks, you need to avoid any excessive physical activities.

You need at least six weeks to fully recover from the surgery and after 6 to 12 months, you can achieve the final results.

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