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Most women are only familiar with the term breast augmentation or enlargement; however, when the size of the breasts is naturally huge women might also need to undergo breast reduction treatment. This is a common plastic surgery procedure that is performed all over the world by experienced and qualified surgeons.

Dance of the Pyramids Technique

For breast reduction, making a three-dimensional pyramid-shape tissue design and using these pyramids as the base for the new breasts is called “Dance of the Pyramids,” under the scope of the Avsar technique. A customized design/drawing for the patient is made before the surgery. During the surgery, four breast tissue pyramids are planned and created in the breast structure. The upper pyramid (pedicle) carries the nipple/areola structure and is known as the pyramid that provides the upper volume for the breast, and it acts as a lift while preventing future sagging problems. The lower pyramid represents the sagging part of the old breast and does interfere the new breast. The lower pyramid is also removed during surgery and is sent for pathological examination. The right and left two pyramids are also very important: They move from left and right in the center during breast reduction and represent the bottom pole of the breast and support the breast from underneath. The new breast structure—that is, the neo-breast—has a healthy and firm structure with the joining 3 pyramids. The success of the surgery depends on how good these pyramids are designed. When the three-dimensional design, the right technique, and the experience come together, it will be possible to reduce very large breasts to the patient’s desired size and make them firmer. In this technique, the breasts are reduced to an ideal size while excess tissues extending to under the arms disappear with the movement of the side pyramids to the center.

If the breasts are too large a small anchor shape scar and if the breasts are mid-sized than a small lollipop shape scar can be visible. In most patients, scars become almost invisible within 6 months to 1 year. People who have wound healing problems have medical and laser therapies after their surgeries.

Any women older than 18 years of age who have large breasts that cause painful indentations on their shoulders because of bra straps, who have redness under their breast during summer months and those who have back pain can have this surgery.

Similar to any breast surgery, patients younger than 40 must have a breast ultrasound and patients older than 40 must have a mammogram. Breast tissues removed during surgery should be sent for pathological examination.

A breast augmentation surgery is a short surgical operation. It takes average 60-120 minutes under general anesthesia.
The person can go home the next day after the surgery. She can go back to work if it is a desk job after 3 days of home rest. The patient can resume an active life style after an average of 4-6 weeks.
Breast reduction is a surgical operation which changes the volume, size, and the shape of breasts.
Breast reduction surgery can be done for many reasons. Overly large breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. Also, it may cause difficulties in breathing. Including these health reasons, breast reduction surgery can be done for aesthetical purposes.

Breast reduction surgery are done with high-tech equipment and an experienced medical team. Operation usually takes two to four hours.

There are many reasons of overly large breasts including hormonal changes, genetics, or weight gain. Also, pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause permanent breast growth.

The right breast shape and size changes from person to person. Surgeons must preserve the right proportion and symmetry of the breasts. The right size and shape can be determined before the procedure at the consultation stage with your surgeon.

Breast reduction procedure is done under general anaesthesia. Patients are not feeling any pain or disturb during the surgery. After the surgery, you may feel mild pain at the recovery stage, this pain is usually not disturbs patients daily life. Pain killers are also helpful to prevent the mild disturbs after the surgery.

The recovery period is different for every patient. But, usually after eight days, you may return your daily activities. Complete recovery of scars and achieving final shape can take about 12 months. Your doctor will inform you about the recovery period.


For women, the breast is of utmost importance in terms of the genuine has a distinctive aesthetic appearance as well as its functional functions. The external appearance of the breast, which is unquestionable in physical beauty, sexual life, self-confidence and feeding the baby, depends on various factors. A healthy, aesthetically ideal breast makes every woman happy.Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that is performed to lift the sagging breasts for the purpose of achievement of an aesthetic appearance.
Breast lift operations can be performed on all women who perceives sagging in their breasts notwithstanding whether they have given birth or not. You can find out if your breasts are sagging by evaluating your nipple and inframammary line in front of the mirror. It is an ideal condition not to have sagging on the nipple, below the nipple line and in the tissue under the breast. The sagging of the breast, which is called breast ptosis, is usually classified in four groups; mild-moderate-severe and pseudo-ptosis. If the nipple is in the center of the inframammary line or below about 1 cm, it is mild; If it is 1-3 cm below the inframammary line, it is moderate, if it is located below 3 cm there is a severe ptosis. In pseudo- ptosis, the nipple is normally located above the inframammary line, but the bed of the breast is observed to be sagging. The breasts can naturally be inclined to sag without any structural reason in time time due to weight gain, breastfeeding, age, gravity. The sagging breasts are not necessarily big. Sagging may also occur in small breasts as breasts grow and shrink during postpartum period, and due to the excess skin on the breasts, weight loss and gravity which shall affect the women with loose tissues.
The earliest age of operation is 18 years when the maturation is completed and the upper limit may increase to the extent provided that the overall health status of the person is good. At an early age, the aesthetic concerns are on the forefront, while eliminating the problems created by sagging breasts in older ages is rather a priority. Before breast surgery; a breast ultrasound in patients under 40 years old and mammography examinations in patients over 40 years old should be consulted. It will be useful to keep these examinations for future follow-up breast screenings. Since the breasts consist of fat and the breast tissue, the weight of the person is important in breast size. In surplus weight, while the growth is due to the increase of the fat mass in the breasts, the breasts may also decrease slightly depending on the weight loss.
After mastopexy surgery, there will usually be a lollipop-shaped surgical scar that extends straight to the bottom of the nipple. In some techniques, the scar is only limited to the nipple. As long as there is no problem, the scar on the nipple becomes indistinct and the scars under the breast will be mostly erased in 1 to 2 years. The size of the breasts, the extent of sagging, the sensitivity of the person regarding the scar is important in determining the surgical technique. If the breasts are large and saggy, a certain amount of breast tissue will be removed during mastopexy surgery and the scar on the breast will be in the form of a straight line of 4-5 cm extending from the nipple to the bottom of the breast which is like a lollipop candy. If the breast tissue is not enough and there is an excess skin on the breast, a prosthesis will be placed through the nipple under the muscle or under the muscle. In this way, the scar may only be limited around the nipple zone or may also be a straight line below the nipple. The purpose of the surgery is to remove the sagging on the breasts and provide their symmetries while making the breast and nipples have the ideal size.
The average duration of the operation is 2-2.5 hours. The operation can be performed by general or sedative anesthesia. Post-operative pain is mild and can be relieved with simple painkillers. After about 4 to 6 hours of bed rest after surgery, you can start eating, drinking and walking. After one day of stay in the hospital, you may return home on the following day provided that a medical dressing is duly applied

Healing process;

Post-operative healing is usually rapid. Your first dressing is done before you leave the hospital, you go home with your special postsurgical bra and rest until the next visit after an average of 48 hours. After this visit, your return to the daily life and your recovery will be completed in a short period. After about 5 days from the surgery, you can return back to your normal life, you can travel and begin to work . Between the 7-10th days, it will be helpful to do activities like walking that will not tire you too much. Moderate exercises should be preferred after approximately 4 weeks. The fit of the exact shape of the nipple and the relief of the surgical scars would realize within the following six months.