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Breast Augmentation, Lift, Reduction Istanbul Turkey

There are many people struggling when it comes to choose between breast lifting and reduction surgeries. Even these surgeries look like the same and has similar procedures, you may want to consider a few things to determine right operation for you.

Difference Between Breast Lifting and Reduction

Breast lifting procedures are done to raise breast and gain desired look and shape with removing excess skin and tissue on the area. The procedure gives more youthful and smoother appearance to patient.

Breast reduction is different from the lifting procedure. Breast reduction operations can be done to reduce weight and volume of the breasts. This procedure can be done for cosmetic purposes along with medical ones, like breathing improvement or preventing further back, shoulder or neck pain.

You Need to Find Out Your Purpose

The purpose of breast lifting is mostly cosmetic. It doesn’t fix any pain caused by larger breasts and it doesn’t change the volume or size of the breasts. Breast lifting surgery is usually done to get more youthful look.

Breast reduction is also a cosmetic surgery, but it can be used for medical purposes too, like treating pain which is caused by overly large breasts.

Experts at Clinic May Help You to Decide

If you are still unsure, which surgery is the right one for you, you may consider getting a consultation from the experts at Avsar Clinic. Avsar Clinic, which is one of the top clinics of Istanbul, Turkey offers flawless results to its patients with procedures including breast reduction and lifting.

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