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Plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey has entered a new area thanks to Dr. Yakup Avşar and his developments. The endoscopic upper face lifting operation aims to change the upper face area which sagged due to aging. Endoscopic upper face lifting also includes individual operations like forehead lifting, temple lifting, and eyebrow lifting, which can be either done in separate times or together in a single operation. If the patient also has sagging problems on the cheek and the upper lip area, it is also advised to have an endoscopic mid-face lifting. Hence, an endoscopic upper face lifting and an endoscopic mid-face lifting operation will be complementary to each other.


Dr. Avşar has a great experience in endoscopic operations and plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. It is known that the more surgeon is involved with the endoscopic technology, the better results will be achieved. During the operation, 3-4 incisions with 1.5 cm diameter are made on the scalp area. Dr. Avşar uses AVSARM technology, which is an endoscopic video arm, enabling the lower part of the forehead, temple, and cheek area are displayed, with 20 times magnified so that a detailed operation is achieved.

The surgery takes about 1.5 hours and the patient is hospitalized for 1 day. The following day, the patient can return home and can experience post-operation pain and swelling for 5 days. The results of the surgery, which are face lifting, pulled sideways, and removed saggings are permanent for life, so the surgery does not need to be repeated.

Eyelid Lift Procedure

Dr. Yakup Avşar has been successfully operating eyelid lift procedure for many years and thanks to contented results, he has made a quite name for plastic surgery in İstanbul.


Operations of endoscopic temple lift, endoscopic eyebrow lift, and endoscopic forehead lift are performed under the same title of the upper facelift procedure. Since all these mid-facial and lower-facial parts are interrelated, the operation for all is similar, only with different vectorial designs. Eyelid lift procedure is intended to give you a fresher, younger, and more charming look by an endoscopic video-assisted surgery that elevates the lax skin along with the upper face and relocates the eyebrows. With this procedure, not only the low sagging eyebrows refurbish but also the appearance of eyelids are also recovered by pulling up the lateral angles of the eyes and mellowing the wrinkles and lines that are formed around the lateral side of the eyes. In may cases, recorded in the plastic surgery in İstabul, it is observed that performing eye lift procedure with endoscopic mid-facelift procedure yield better results on the lower eyelid and cheeks. This procedure is basically done by pulling the most efficient vector of the lateral end of the eye. Dr. Yakup Avşar refers to this procedure as “almond eyes” because, with this operation, the shape of the eyes gives the patient a more energetic and attractive look. Also, this procedure, by plastic surgery in İstanbul, ensures long-life results and manageable amount of lifting on planned vectors.


Plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, is done by Dr. Yakup Avşar is demanded greatly. The upper facelifting procedure consists of many other surgeries such as endoscopic temple lift, endoscopic eyebrow lift, an endoscopic forehead lift with different vectorial designs. The endoscopic surgeries are done with video-assisted and property helps to have results such as elevated lax skin along the upper face, and changing the position of the eyebrows. These operations help the patient to have rejuvenated low sagging eyebrows and a better appearance of the upper eyelids. Since the operation improves the appearance of the eyes shape, it is known as almond eyes operation.


Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey has become quite easier thanks to the developments of Dr. Avşar. One of the reasons is that he uses AVSARM technology during the operations, which is a development of himself. AVSARM has a video-endoscopic arm connected to a monitor through a carrying complex, and it allows the doctor to make a more controlled and detailed operation compared to other surgeries.

Almond eyes operation helps patients to look younger if they are dissatisfied with the aging appearance of their forehead, eyebrow lines, and eyelids. Dr. Avşar tries to preserve the natural beauty of the patient and just to improve it. The aim is to provide a well-rested and relaxed looking instead of surgically changed. Also, younger people with inherited dropping eyes can have almond eyes lifting to have a more good looking facial proportions, brighter eye area, and contour the eyebrows.


Dr. Yakup Avşar conducts plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. An endoscopic forehead lift is a component of the upper facelifting procedure. Other components are included endoscopic temple lift and endoscopic eyebrow lifting. This is endoscopic video-assisted surgery, and it helps to elevate the lax skin along with the upper face and change the eyebrows position. The operation is customized to each patient to meet the needs and goals of them. The results of the operation include a more energetic and younger appearance.

Dr. Avşar applies the endoscopic forehead lifting, a plastic surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey. AVSARM technology is used during the operation, and it helps to monitor and control every step of the operation. Surgical areas are enlarged twenty times due to micro cameras included in AVSARM.

The patients are usually older adults 30 to 60 years old, who are started to feel dissatisfaction with the aging appearance of their forehead, eyebrow lines, and eyelids. Also, younger people who inherited drooping eyes can consider having an operation. Dr. Avşar tries to improve the natural structure of the face instead of an over-operated appearance. During the consultation between the patient and the doctor, Dr. Avşar tries to understand each patient’s goal and needs. Also, the doctor may ask the patient to bring photographs, including younger versions of the patients, so that he can understand how aging affected the eyebrow and forehead of the patient. After the consultation, the surgery plan is decided to depend on the assessments of the quality of the skin tone and bone structure of the the first very few weeks after the operation day.


You finally decided and had your plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey. Now, it’s time for your recovery and you wonder how? First, you have a supportive head bandage and it’ll be removed before your discharge from the hospital. There will be a little pain right after the surgery. And it may be tolerated by most of the patients. But any extraordinary discomforting feeling can be reduced by prescribed medications. You may notice some bruising and swelling over the cheek areas or eyelids. It’s completely fine. And it’ll be completely gone over the first very few weeks after the operation day.

So, let’s say you had your Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey. There will be some guidelines for you to avoid yourself from alcohol, steam baths, saunas, strenuous activities, sun exposures. And don’t worry about stitches, they will be gone by themselves. Just about two days after your surgery, you will be able to wash your hair again. But with paying more attention to the surgery area. And also if you need to cover some bruising areas, special camouflage makeup can be applied to that area.


Based on our patients’ opinions who had their plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey, they are quite satisfied with the results. They don’t have that exhausted look anymore. They feel more youthful and refreshed with their new look. Their friends or families can notice the difference in their looks. They don’t feel like a new person but I’m pretty sure that they feel like a refreshed person.