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It is important for all of us to look beautiful. Normally girls put on make-up to look smoother, sparkling, and extra energetic. Wearing makeup, following a skin care routine and plenty of different ways can simply postpone aging. However, over years we want to regenerate the soft tissue loss. Sagging cheeks, under eye’s bag, sunken areas or hollows withinside the legs, buttocks, chest, and décolletage or maybe withinside the fingers can effortlessly be revitalized through fats transfer.In this case, fats micro-injection techniques provide the pleasant way to fill the hollows, revitalize and upload quantity to the face and body. We gave the call of internal make-up to that energy and volume in order that the beauty of the face can display itself without make-up. When the hollows are filled the pores and the skin will become brighter. Making individual plans is needed whilst appearing this procedure. It is implemented to all of us in specific manner due to the fact the area and quantity of fats requirement range amongst individuals. For example, the forehead place in a few instances, cheekbones in a few, and the chin vicinity in different instances want to be regenerated. The excess fat in any part of the body is taken out without a trace and injected under the hollow region with the help of Avsar tapering cannulas.

Avsar Tapering Cannula

Fat make-up is completed with patented Avsar tapering cannula evolved by Dr. Yakup Avşar. This cannulas is tapered to the tip and the hollow withinside the tip is so small that make it a micro-cannula. The fatty tissue is tapered whilst advancing withinside the cannula and is lightly injected from the tip of the cannula. The injection sample is so smooth with this cannula and unwanted protrusions do not shape withinside the place wherein the fats are given. The fats tissue can effortlessly be dispersed withinside the layers of the recipient area, so the engagement and supply of the injected fats tissue is effective. Multiple surgical procedure periods may be decreased through this cannula.

Easy Fat Transfer

Avşar Fat make-up may be carried out to each place of the body with face, neck, breast, buttocks, hips, legs, knees, fingers and décolletage. The fats may be taken out from any extra fats place withinside the body like belly, belt, legs and knees the usage of exceptional cannulas without any scar. Derived fats tissue is then processed to the stem-cell-enriched injectable fats tissue and it’s so far ready to be injected to the recipient place with Avsar tapering cannula. This technique takes approximately half-hour on common and may be done below local or general anesthesia.facial lines due to mimic muscles do not reappear.