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Rhinoplasty which is also known as nose job is a procedure which can be done to everyone regardless of the gender of patient. This surgery allows people to achieve their desired looks with the help of procedure.

What is Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is a procedure that allows to shape nose and nose area to achieve desired look. It can be done for cosmetic purposes purely and for medical purposes like improving breathing and such.

Surgeons performs the surgery under general anaesthesia. The recovery period is also very easy and there are no noteworthy side effects except mild temporary pain which can be treated with over-counter pain killers.

Is Rhinoplasty Procedure Different for Men?

Rhinoplasty surgery is same for man and women. The procedure can include reshaping nose and nose area, nostrils, and such. Surgeons aims to fix any asymmetries or defects to provide more good-looking appearance for patients.

During male rhinoplasty, surgeons keep the unique facial characteristics of men. The operations also can be done to give more masculine appearance to the facial area. With the male rhinoplasty surgery which is done by expert team and high skilled surgeon, patient can achieve exact results that he wants.

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Male rhinoplasty surgeries are performed by highly-skilled and experienced medical team at Avsar Clinic. Along with the Dr. Avsar who is one of the top plastic surgeons of Turkey, Avsar Clinic’s team will always provide the flawless results for its patients.

You may achieve dreamlike results with male rhinoplasty in Turkey at Avsar Clinic.