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Facelift & Necklift in Istanbul Turkey

If you are thinking about undergoing face or neck lift operation, there are many things to consider. To achieve best results, you must choose the best clinic and experienced surgeons to perform. Luckily, Turkey – Istanbul is world’s one of the top destinations for cosmetic surgeries including face and neck lift.

What is Face and Neck Lift?

Face and neck lift is a cosmetic surgery which performed under general anaesthesia by expert surgeons and highly experienced medical teams. The procedure allows removing the excess tissue and fat on neck and face area to achieve more youthful and smoother look.

The procedure is very easy, and you just need one day at the clinic after the operation to resume your daily life. When the surgery is done by expert teams like Avsar Clinic, you will always get the desired results with minimum side effects.

Face and Neck Lift Operations in Turkey

Turkey is a one of the most popular destinations for face and neck lift operations along with other cosmetic procedures. Turkish clinic are offering the best competitive prices with the top-tier services for patients.

Avsar Clinic, Istanbul always treating patients with utmost care and flawless customer satisfaction.

Avsar Clinic Offer Top Notch Results

Face and neck lift operations that are performed with high tech equipment and highly skilled medical team, with Dr. Avsar himself who is one of the best plastic surgeons of Turkey, always provides best results for patients.

Avsar Clinic is ready to provide flawless results for you with the most affordable and competitive prices in Turkey.

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