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Breast Reduction Surgery

Excessively enormous breast can cause neck and back agony, skin issues, breathing issues, and even long haul act issues. Numerous investigations have demonstrated that ladies with enormous and hefty breast  feel hesitant to a point where their personal satisfaction is adversely affected. 

Breast reduction is a medical procedure can in a split second and adequately diminish breast  size through the expulsion of abundance breast  bosom tissue. 


Breast reduction, or decrease mammoplasty, is a surgery that includes the evacuation of overabundance skin, fat, and glandular tissue to lessen bosom size; disposing of the negative issues related with excessively enormous bosoms. Regularly, a Breast reduction methodology can upgrade the style  of the breast  by making an improved shape and making the bosom more relative to the remainder of the body. 

During a Breast reduction methodology, the specialist can likewise lessen or reshape the areola (the more obscure skin around the areola) to additional upgrade the general appearance of the bosom. 

What is the Dance of the Pyramids Technique?

In Avsar Clinic, a technique called “Dance of the Pyramids” is used for breast reduction. With this technique, a three dimensional pyramid shaped tissue design is used as the basis for new breasts. A customized design for the patient is made before the surgery. And the upper pyramid (pedicle) carries the nipple structure and is known as the pyramid that provides the upper volume for the breast. and it acts as a lift while preventing future sagging problems. The lower pyramid represents the drooping part of the old breast and interferes with the new breast. Therefore, the lower pyramid is removed during surgery and referring to pathological examination. The right and left two pyramids are also very important during breast reduction.

They move from left and right in the center and represent the bottom pole of the breast and support the breast from underneath. The new breast structure, that is new breast has a healthy and robust structure with the combination of 3 pyramids. The success of the breast surgery depends on how good these pyramids are designed. When the three-dimensional design and the right technique and experience come together, it will be possible to reduce very large breasts to the patient’s desired size and make them tighter. In this technique, while the breasts are reduced to an ideal size with the movement of the side pyramids towards the center, the tissues of the arms are eliminated again.

Aftereffects OF BREAST REDUCTION Surgery

Most ladies are amazingly content with the consequence of the medical procedure: breast that are more modest, firmer, and perkier. The technique significantly soothes the actual uneasiness that ladies normally needed to suffer for an extensive stretch of time. 

Results are commonly viewed as perpetual, despite the fact that the breasts may change fit as a fiddle and size because of ensuing life occasions, for example, pregnancy or weight pick up/misfortune. 

What is the typical breast reduction operation time?

Most breast reduction  techniques take somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 hours to finish. 


Solid ladies who have curiously large breasts causing actual distress, clinical issues, or low confidence are ideal contender for bosom decrease a medical procedure. 

Which examinations should be done before a breast augmentation surgery?

Similar to any breast surgery, patients over the age of 40 should have an ultrasound, and those over the age of 40 should have a mammogram. Also breast tissues removed during surgery should be sent for pathological examination

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