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Avsar Hair Transplant Clinic


Design of donor and receiving areas the planning is established in mutual agreement with the patient and among the parameters of traditional usage. The doctor points out the donor and receiving areas, i.e. the preliminary drawing, with special markers, limiting the donor space on the one hand and therefore the areas which will receive the hair on the opposite hand. The receiving space is outlined keeping the hair still in its usual length.

The donor space could also be partially or fully shaven. Extraction of vesicle units from donor space

Once the donor space has been delimited (posterior and/or lateral a part of the scalp), anesthesia is applied. the position of any peripheral route isn’t necessary and therefore the entire intervention is performed entirely with anesthesia, that produces the immediate desensitization of the operating area: the skin. that’s why in two seconds there’s total insensibility, with no must wait, that the inconvenience is stripped-down. The donor space is that the region that will present the hair that’s transplanted to the receiving space or bald space.

The extraction space we tend to use is a vicinity that doesn’t have the ordering of depilation, so the transplanted hairs won’t tend to be lost. The doctor determines the simplest areas to get rid of the hair during a non-traumatic, individual and clean approach. The follicles square measure placed consistent with the number of hairs they contain in containers ready at cold. A counter to the left of the patient is to count the vesicle units so that the patient is in the slightest degree times responsive to the event of their surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey – Avsar Clinic Steps

FUE hair plantation takes 5-7 hours counting on the number of grafts.
You will have some breaks for the bathroom and food. throughout the hair transplant, you’ll be able to watch TV, hear music.



After extraction, the vesicle units square measure placed during an appropriate storage resolution to take care of the vitality of the follicles. A team member begins the preparation of vesicle units with a simple microscope (stereoscope) ANd diode lights (to maintain an adequate temperature). The preparation and maintenance of the acceptable vesicle units square measure the key to the success of hair transplantation


During an Endoscopic Micro Rhinoplasty, there is less trauma to the nose which means less recovery times. Most patients can get back to typical daily activities one week post-op and return to physical activities in 2 weeks. After removing the nasal plaster, less swelling or bruising is noted, and most leave little trace of having surgery completed.


Free hair analyses and consultation 24 hours a day. No other payment is required for all medical inspections required for the operation. Your haunch operation is guaranteed by the FUE technique and maximum graft implantation.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma – FDA approved) All necessary medicines are provided by our clinic We provide transportation and 5-star hotel accommodation for our foreign clients There is no prepayment for operation at all.

ated individually.

No. you must simply have a rest and use medicines that your specialist provides.
Avoid alcohol for three days when procedure. Abstain from smoking for 2 weeks when procedure. Morning when procedure: take away band, shower, and shampoo your scalp three times over the day (morning, noon, and night) Remainder of the week when procedure: Shower doubly daily. the initial week after: Shampoo gently
Sleep with head elevated. Place a towel beneath your head just in case the donor space oozes.