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The nose is the predominant feature of the face area. It can greatly affect the appearance, by promoting balance, harmony and beauty. Clients from different backgrounds often look for a specialist in ethnic-endoscopic rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey to improve and correct nasal defects while also preserving the specific characteristics of their culture.

In the old days of cosmetic surgery, these  non-caucasian patients could only  choose surgeries that catered to the mainstream services and not the aesthetic one that an individual  needs. However, today’s surgeons are trained to customize their technique to every client, producing results that are suitable , ethnically appropriate, and supremely flattering.

It is essential to look for an ethnic endoscopic rhinoplasty specialist rather than a traditional endoscopic rhinoplasty surgeon. That is because A specialist will know how to deal with the patient’s ethnic variations of the nasal contours.


The key to a successful Rhinoplasty is to understand each person’s individual’s anatomy. Most Latino noses have thick skin and a broad, bulbous tip. Latinos from different parts of the world have different cartilage characteristics. Often the nostrils are wide and need narrowing. Latinos tend to have mild to moderate side bumps. Some are large and need significant lowering.

One must keep in mind that the goal with nasal tip reshaping in the Hispanic nose is to simply move away from looking too round and wide. The goal is not to create a nasal tip that is markedly narrowed and more fitting for a Caucasian face. Of course the patient would like to see a definitive change in the shape of the tip, but this has to be done while maintaining ethnic consistency.


African-American Rhinoplasty is a type of ethnic nose job surgery to change the shape of those whose ancestry draws back to Africa with unique facial recognition. We had have had long experience with different ethnic rhinoplasty type. As Dr. Avsar perform a graft, using tissue from another part of the client’s body to fortify and support the nasal structure.

Owing to the mixed genetics which continues to increase due to immigration and intermarriage, there is a wide variety of nose sizes and shapes of African -American noses. There is not one kind, no one shape, no one skin thickness or color. Nostril shape and size is variable. So is the height of the bridge and the width of the upper and lower parts.


Dr. Yakup Avsar believes in a natural, less-is-more philosophy in an effort to provide his Asian patients with their best possible rhinoplasty outcome. His practice provides meticulous level of detail that can only come from years of experience performing surgery on the Asian nose.

Asian rhinoplasty aims to correct airway problems or improve imperfections without diminishing the unique features of the patient’s Asian appearance.Asian patients typically have a low bridge, wide floor of each nostril, thick ala or nostril walls, and a thick and poorly defined tip. The most common change for an Asian nose would be to raise the bridge and refine the tip. Nostril narrowing procedures whereby external incision is placed between the wings and the upper lip and lower cheek are placed such that the walls of the alar base are brought closer together thereby narrowing the lowest part of the nose.

Ethnic Endoscopic Rhinoplasty Istanbul Turkey

Ethnic endoscopic rhinoplasty requires consummate skill and exceptional training, as well as a specific artistic sensitivity to the most subtle of traits and idiosyncrasies native to each region across the globe. Dr. Yakup Avsar, a certified plastic surgeon in Istanbul who has studied with the finest mentor in the world, has built a distinguished reputation in the field of ethnic endoscopic rhinoplasty in ISTANBUL. Dr. Avsar’s vast knowledge of different cultures helps him to meet the patient’s expectation for the new nose who wish to have a new appearance while preserving the face’s ethnic.

With more than 10.000 international Ethnic Endoscopic rhinoplasty patient at our clinic, all from different culture. A lot of international patient are now seeking for Dr. Avsar’s experience in ethnic rhinoplasty.

Dr. Avsar  always make sure to listen to the expectations of his patients , and to lead them to think in the right way about what will fits them more. A lot of patients may desire a looks for their new nose, that may not suit them perfectly. That is where  Dr. Avsar take all the needed time to address your goals and evaluate your concerns.

The emphasis on pre-operative clarity and communication is truly what distinguishes Avsar clinic, In addition to instilling confidence and comfort in all of Dr. Avsar’s patients.